VIDEO: tower technicians talk careers with a view

Scaling hundreds of feet in the air (sometimes thousands) for your everyday job may not be for everyone, but for those who do choose to climb — it's freedom. 

In the video, “A Day in the Life of a Tower Tech,” developed from the documentary Vertical Freedom, several technicians shared insights on the job, and many of them seemed to agree on a certain sentiment: the job is an adventurous one — free from the monotony of a nine to five.   

"When you get up there, you get a heavenly moment,” said one technician. “Every climb is a great one."  

Another climber emphasized the exciting non-routine of the work.

“I’m not in an office, in a cubical behind a computer screen. There’s no way I could do that. But I’m enjoying my office on the field, wherever it may take me.”  

"We need 25,000 tower climbers, and we need them now." 

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